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Poet Friends of Moerike

Wilhelm Waiblinger
in English Translation
Wilhelm Waiblinger and Eduard Moerike were close friends while they were students of theology at the
seminary in Tuebingen. But the two young men were markedly different in character, Waiblinger the talented,
dashing romantic who, already at the age of 17 could publish his first novel. Moerike was the retiring,
unruffled, unfulfilled would-be-poet. In spite of their closeness Moerike understood the danger involved in
such a friendship and later broke it off. Both went separate ways, both became notable Swabian poets of
their day. Waiblinger died in Rome at the age of twenty-five. Fourteen years thereafter Moerike saw to it that
Waiblinger's poems were published. Moerike lived to be seventy-one.
German Romantic Poet
1804 - 1830