Butler Authors ~ featured on The Butler Pennsylvania Blog

Aaron,Chester ----- Written Works
Abraham, Abie ----- Written Works
Bellis, C.F. ----- Written Works
Booher, Thomas Clayton ----- Written Works
Cingolani, Charles ----- Written Works . . . Online Books
Clements, James ----- Silent Heroes Among Us
Conrad, Fr. Simon O.F.M.Cap.- Brothers of the Sun: Story of the Capuchins
Daugherty, Milann Ruff ----- Written Works
Dittman, Michael ----- Written Works
Hazy, Bob ----- Written Works
Hollock, James ----- Written Works
Lundig, Phyllis ----- Written Works
Luttrell, Nicole ----- Written Works
Manners, William ----- Written Works
McClung, Robert ----- Written Works
Minner, G. R.----- Written Works
Nitsche, Pearl ----- Written Works
Parisi, Larry ----- Written Works
Perry, William J. ----- Wikipedia
Rutkoski, Thomas ----- Written Works
Randig, Linda ----- Written Work [Contact: joeswife803@gmail.com]
Stock, Margaret ----- Life in a Small Town [Contact the author]
Sawhook, Georgia ----- Written work
Shaw, Polly ----- Written work
Smith, Kathleen Marie ----- Written Works
Todd, David E.----- Butler Armco "The Mill"
Vargo Keith ----- Written work
Zarnick,Gene ----- Recollections
Butler Musicians

Glenn Crytzer ----- Recordings
William Purvis ----- Recordings
Marianne Cornetti ----- Recordings
Norman Saleet ----- Recordings
Bret Michaels ----- Recordings
James Pugh ----- Recordings
Shane Alexander --- Skyway Drive-in ----- Recordings
Corey Daum ----- The Music's Over
Played guitar in the metal band "Lizzy Borden"
Butler Filmmakers:

Harry Greenberger  Here After

Butler Dancers:

Michelle Vargo      Meet the Dancer
Butler Actors

Josiei Carey                Biography
Joan Chandler            Biography
Michele Pawk               Biography
Fred McCarren            Biography