Skyway Drive-In by your grandma's house
Used to be all they talked about
It's been gone such a long time now

Whatever happened to the Tanglewood
Where our first dance made us feel so good
Ache in my chest when I saw you in your dress

We had small town in our bloodstreams
Wild horses in our hearts
It hurts like Hell when first love falls apart

Your father gave his life to Armco Steel
He'd take his rifle out in Nelson's field
Sometimes I wonder if he's out there still

He had small town in his bloodstream
Wild horses in his heart
Never liked me much, right from the start
Maybe those winters got too goddamned cold
They'd come around make me feel so old
Just fifteen with an ancient soul

Mmm, I always wanted so much else from life
To head out west, find a west coast wife
I did my time with that small town strife

But late at night, I still see those faces
No matter how much the time erases
I'm goin' back, I'm gonna see those places again

Cuz I've got small town in my bloodstream
Wild horses in my heart and no one knows you
Like those from your start

If you've got small town in your bloodstream
Then you know it's all the truth
There ain't no better way to waste your youth

by Stephen Shane Alexander BHS '88