The Butler Pennsylvania Poems

Man in Blue

At the corner of Jefferson and Main
he stood as erect and upright
as the gray granite building
he refrained from
leaning back against,
leaving untouched
the shiny brass plaque
that framed him for us,
undaunted and righteous
for memory to summon
in need and distress.

In dark blue dressed
but for the silver badge breast-high,
his hat visor at eye level
a black leather strap slashing
crosswise his chest
latched to buckle and belt
from which a revolver unused
padded his thigh.

He was our constant—
ever present day and night
fearless, chivalrous, vigilant
cherished and respected
by young and old alike
for being who he was
and being there for us.

Knowing him there calmed us,
our protector alert
deflecting danger lurking
as if some unseen being
were hovering over him
spreading outstretched arms
shielding, sheltering,
preserving us from harm.

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